Wow! It's been a while.

Well it seems that the stress of my everyday life has caused me to neglect my blog longer than I thought I had. Lets see where to begin from where I left off? In December we lost our van to a fire and that was very scary. We also had lost most of the boys Christmas Presents but thankfully everyone got out ok so that was something to be thankful for. Also a very nice couple helped us alot and even drove us down to where we were visiting for Christmas. We moved AGAIN and now we are in MI (sigh I know). My fiance and I are no longer engaged......We're married now! It's so interesting how even though we lived together for 6 years AND had 3 boys together it only now after we got married feels like we have started our lives together. Also my Husband is joining the Army (lots of mixed feelings there but thanks to some advice it's settling). I will try and get on here to post more stuff about crochet since I haven't in so long. Ta ta for now.

More ramblings

Well this ami swap is almost done for me. I will be sending my ami out tomorrow sometime and I can't wait to see how much the lady getting it likes it. I also made her a square for her friendshipghan in the same colors because she wanted bright colors. Also this was a few weeks ago but I finally have my engagement ring and it was so sweet how he gave it to me. He put the ring at the bottom of a bag of Ghirardelli squares. And there was such a sweet note with it too. I was so excited when I got it. Posting a pic of the ring and I would post a pic of the ami but he's all packaged and ready for his trip :).

Life change.

Well I had to leave my home in Ohio and move to North Carolina. Not really that bad but not being able to say goodbye to most of my friends because of a time shortage on leaving sucks. I am happy to be in NC don't get me wrong. This is where we wanted to end up eventually anyway but we wanted a little more time to get things around and to be able to see ppl a little while longer. All in all though with all the bad stuff aside it is nice to be here. I have always loved the south because it stays warmer longer and even if it snows it really isn't much and not that long either. I mean it's about mid October and it is still hitting the lower 80's sometimes which to me is awesome. I have managed to crochet a little here and there since coming here but since I have been trying to get things in order as well not as much crocheting has been happening as I like. I am almost done with an ami swap we were doing on the friendshipghan cal I frequent and I am excited to get it out in the mail soon. Anyhoo not much else here just a small update.


Ok these are pics of blankets I have been making that are still in the works. The first one is the pic of all three of my boy's blankets in the making because I had run out of yarn at that point lol. The second pic is a pic of the Gay/Bi pride blanket.

Let's see...

Well I have started my first giveaway on Cville and so far the turnout is fairly good. I have until the end of this month though to see who else enters so I'm expecting it to get even bigger. I just hope that whoever gets it really likes it because it is my first giveaway and it's from a pattern I made up myself :( I'm a little worried about that. On another note my dad is coming to visit this weekend. I'm excited and bummed at the same time. Excited because whenever my dad comes to visit I have a good time. Bummed because every time he comes to visit he criticizes me about all kinds of stuff I do *sigh*. On an even better note I still have not had a cigarette in the entire time I have been trying to quit so I am very proud of myself ^_^! I just hope I can keep this up forever this time unlike my other failed attempts.

Gay/Bi pride blanket

I am working on it again now because I think I found all the missing squares I'm joining the rows I have done atm and then after the joining I will do one row at a time of squares and join as I go. I think it might make it easier that way. I'm very excited for it to be done so I can give it to my friends I am making it for. I will post pics as I go along. For now though since I haven't joined much I will just have this post. I'm hoping to have it going fast and done soon.

A change

I decided about 5 days ago that I was going to quit smoking. I won't lie it's been rough but so far I have not had 1 smoke. It's not a long time I know but I am proud of myself for going as long as I have so far. I'm just thinking how much money we will save and thinking how much more stuff I will be able to do without losing my breath all the time. Plus it's better for my kids because now they won't see mommy smoking and try it themselves. I hope it sticks this time though because previous attempts didn't last. Aside from that I have been crocheting like mad and I think alot of that is due to not smoking anymore (I'm trying to find things to do to occupy my time). I still haven't done much more on my son's blankets but I'm thinking tonight I might try and do that again at least until I run out of yarn hehe. Well that's all the updating I have atm (not much I know) but I need to get my kids to bed.