Wow! It's been a while.

Well it seems that the stress of my everyday life has caused me to neglect my blog longer than I thought I had. Lets see where to begin from where I left off? In December we lost our van to a fire and that was very scary. We also had lost most of the boys Christmas Presents but thankfully everyone got out ok so that was something to be thankful for. Also a very nice couple helped us alot and even drove us down to where we were visiting for Christmas. We moved AGAIN and now we are in MI (sigh I know). My fiance and I are no longer engaged......We're married now! It's so interesting how even though we lived together for 6 years AND had 3 boys together it only now after we got married feels like we have started our lives together. Also my Husband is joining the Army (lots of mixed feelings there but thanks to some advice it's settling). I will try and get on here to post more stuff about crochet since I haven't in so long. Ta ta for now.


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